The Wilderness Science Center Study
By Natalie White

Monthly Archives: November 2014


Today I helped teach part of a lesson for a second grade class. I’ve observed the lesson many times before so I was pretty confident is teaching this time. The lesson begins with the kids singing a song called, “Dirt Made My Lunch.” I like the song because it’s a silly song about how important soil is to not only wild animals, but humans as well. Afterwards, I started asking them why soil and how is soil important due to the examples in the song. Next I told them that we were going to make soil, so that it can be used at the WCS. The kids were excited so I had to explain to them how it was going to be made using an example chocolate chip cookie recipe.
“In order for us to make soil we have to follow the directions and have each measurement exact, just like when we make chocolate chip cookies.”

Setting Out Traps

Today I went out on the property and set out two sherman traps. I put food that we usually feed the animals with for bait and then some beding in their in case they get to cold. One I placed in near the wetland under all the blown over dead plants. The other I put in the prairie under a deer bed. Hopefully, I’ll catch something and be able to identify it!

This Little Guy!

A couple weeks ago I set out a sherman trap to catch an animals that had escaped. Instead, last night something had found it’s way into the trap. Mr. Spake told me to take a look at it and see if I could identify it. I was scared to open it because I had no idea how big or what could be in there. I opened it and it was a little mouse. I got out the mammal guide books and identified him as a deer mouse, which was correct.

Deer Mouse