The Wilderness Science Center Study
By Natalie White

Monthly Archives: February 2015

Making the River for 4th Grade Lesson

In the fourth grade lesson, one of the stations the students are involved in are about animal makings. Mr. Spake wanted me to help create this model that the students will be observing around. I decided to sew the two pieces of fabric that he gave me to create a land and river. This really makes the model look realistic and was a much easier set-up than I thought it was going to be. FullSizeRender (2)

Bald Eagles

Eagles have been seen on the WCS property. No one know were they are nesting, but it’s interesting they’d come to our area. Land is not very rural here, but they must be traveling and decided to stop here. I did get to see one right outside the windows of the building, it was fairly close. The big white head gave it away, especially when it started to fly away with it’s wide wind spand